How We Started

In 1979 Ms Tooley received her BA degree from Oklahoma Baptist University. She was always interested in helping others learn.

In 1982 Tooley bought a Texas Instrument TI-99 computer and learned Basic programming language. She was hooked on computers.
1996 brought a Windows based PC to her desk..
Since then she used computers and the internet to help people learn.
TooGro is her online handle. Writers Haunt was her first web site.

February, 1999 birthed the online entity TooGro All the HTML programming, marketing, writing and other jobs were performed by TooGro, Ms. Tooley. When she isnít writing, performing, singing, creating art or teaching someone, she is designing costumes, puppets or embroidery.

Changes in the internet and coding brought up a big discussion about how HTML should be coded. Many adjustments were needed. One school of thought wanted to just upgrade HTML and add number designations for each generation. The XML school of thought was to change everything over, but that was too complex and could not happen all at once.

Eventually a group developed XHTML. It was fairly easy for TooGro to adapt. In 2004 the switch was on. Each page was carefully adapted to XHTML. And still going on today.

Many people were involved encouraging and mentoring Ms Tooley.
She believes in mentoring and encouraging others, too.